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    Woodworking Four Line Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
    Product Information
    Wood drilling machine MZ7421B
    Machine weight1500 kg
    Motor total power6 KW
    Overrall diamensions3580*2500*1550 mm
    Max drilling depth60mm
    Spindle speed2840 rpm
    Total number of auger shaft84
    Total number of drilling rowFour
    Drill joint assembly aperture10 mm
    The biggest hole diameter35mm(single drill bit) 13mm(multi-drill bit)
    The biggest processing pitch2400mm*640mm
    Minimum processing hole spacing130mm*32mm
    Min processing length130mm
    Max processing length2500mm
    Warranty1 year
    CertificationISO9002,Quality Believable Certificate
    Product Overview
    Wood Door Lock Making Wood Drilling Machine is used to drill holes on solid wood panel, chipboard, ABS board, PVC board and other boards which have the similar structure and hardness. It's a necessary tool for furniture production and decoration industry.
    How to Maintain
    1.Clean up the table after using the machine
    2.Clean up wood rails to prevent debris interference, causing the machine card machine in the work process.
    3.Regular cleaning of the screw to prevent sticking a foreign body on the screw, screw is the most important equipment, which affects the accuracy of the machine, and screw plays an important role in the transmission process.
    4.Regular cleaning of industrial containers, dust is the biggest killer platoon drill.
    5.To row drilling weekly slide rail dusted oiling work
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