Car Paintless Dent Repair Tools 8 Pcs Green Pdr Rods suppliers

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    Shenzhen Zhi Zong Si Hai Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leading brand of paintless dent repair tools and accessories, automotive dent repair technique training and technical franchising. Our company have combined the research and development, production and marketing, committed to developing the various repair tools which are damage free to original paint and are easy to operate.
    With years of technology excellence, our company has built our own laboratory and development team, which ensures our tools are carefully engineered with professional dent tech and are manufactured with strict production management process to achieve the highest quality on the market today. Our technology has also got a number of national R & D patents in China. So far we got 22 patents for our PDR tools, and also passed ISO9001:2008 certificate .
    " Strive for the survival by strength, seek for the development by innovation ", our company uses it as a guidance to set up an original brand named “Super PDR”, which is currently one of the leading companies among automotive repair industry, and has a reputation of high customer satisfaction based on our millions of users worldwide.

    Car Paintless Dent Repair Tools 8 Pcs Green Pdr Rods suppliers