CloudyMC Official Rules

Version 2.0.0




  • Abuse of the server setup, bugs or glitches is not allowed.
  • Offensive in-game nick names are not allowed.
  • Bullying is not allowed.
  • Sharing personal information on the CloudyMC Server is at your own risk.
  • Blackmailing or threats are not allowed.
  • Your behavior and actions define CloudyMC as a community, think before you do anything stupid to ruin your reputation or your status on the server.
  • All players are expected to follow the rules.
  • Ranked players, aka donors and staff members are also expected to follow the rules, and are not greater than the rules at any circumstance.
  • Selling products to players in game for real money is not allowed.
  • Asking for ranks or spawned items from staff members is not allowed
  • You cannot receive a staff position by asking for it in game, we have an application process.
  • Arguing with a punishment regarding the rules listed on this page is not allowed in game. It is considered spam. If you have an issue, report it on the website under the problems or issues section.
  • Insiding any island is not allowed.
  • Causing server drama or encouraging server drama in any form is not allowed both in game and on the forums.



User Interaction

  • Use English in the main chat, you can speak other languages through personal messages.
  • Keep the use of profanity in chat discussions to a minimum.
  • Encouraging others to break the rules is not allowed.
  • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on both the CloudyMC  and website, forums. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, pornographic images, graphics.
    Intentional disrespect towards other players or staff members is not allowed.
  • Selling any products for money through the CloudyMC is not allowed.
  • Selling anything belonging to CloudyMC is not allowed. E.g ranks, items, etc.
  • DDoS attacks towards other parties within the CloudyMC is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • DDoS threats towards other parties within the CloudyMC is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban, regardless of overall intention of said threat.
  • You must respect staff members at all times.
  • Accusing staff members of not doing their job correctly is not allowed and will result in a warning, and then a 1 week tempban on the second offense.
  • You must not post, share or display any personal information or content of other players without their permission.
  • You must not post, share or display any personal information or content of other players with intent to embarrass, blackmail, harass or cause shame upon.
  • You cannot scam players with real life items/money.


Gameplay Abuse or Cheating
Any modification to the game or the MineCraft launcher in aims to provide an advantage in ANY type of multi-player activity is NOT Allowed.

  • Hacked clients containing various hacks that are designed to allow you to cheat.
  • Speed hacks, x-ray mods, fly hacks, autosoup, force field, auto-clicking and the like are considered as game-mode or game-play hacks and are against the rules.
  • Encouraging rule breaking or abuse of gameplay is not allowed. i.e showing the community how to hack, dupe, break rules, etc.
  • Abuse of plugin functionality is not allowed.
  • Duping and any other form of game-breaking abuse is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

Joking about breaking any of the rules above will warrant a day temp-ban on first offense.

This includes joking about duping, hacking. e.g: "I hack, ban me, yolo." or "I duped for teh lolz."



Chat Related

  • Spamming of any sort is not allowed, this includes repeating messages/commands twice (more than once) within a short amount of time.
  • You cannot spam the chat if you have a problem. The staff have the right to ignore spammers, even if they are requesting assistance.
  • You cannot hate or talk trash about the server in any way..
  • If you continuously spam, you will be banned.
  • Using spam-bots or bots in general is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Keep the use of profanity in chat discussions to a minimum.
  • "Hackusations" or accusations of players using hacked clients is not allowed. Instead make a ban request with valid proof, or contact a staff member in game through /helpop or /msg.
  • Any discussion(s) regarding the term "DDOS" appearing to oppose a threat, jokingly or otherwise, to anyone associated around CloudyMC either in game, the forums, teamspeak, or even on skype is not allowed at all, and will result in a permanent ban on all servers/services.
  • Advertising server specific IP addresses is not allowed and naming servers is also not allowed. Spamming server names or asking players to join another server is not allowed. That includes telling players to 1v1 on other servers.
  • Spamming server names or ips is not allowed.
  • We allow promotion of your own YouTube channels on the forums and in game, provided you have content of CloudyMC. Advertising your channel or any other links is not allowed.
  • Messages on signs that violate any rules are not allowed. i.e disrespect, advertising, YouTube channels or servers.
  • Messages in books that violate any rules are not allowed. i.e disrespect, advertising, YouTube channels or servers.
  • Renaming your items to violate any rules is not allowed, i.e disrespect, advertising, YouTube channels or servers.
  • Templates are to be used when appropriate.
  • Do not post content that you do not rightfully own without giving credit to the correct/original owner. This is considered plagiarism, and can be punishable.
  • Joking about breaking any of the rules listed on this page is not allowed and will warrant a mute and/or ban.
  • Disrespecting and "trash talking" as it is commonly refereed to as is not allowed. You will be warned and can be banned permanently for continuous disrespect. This includes "trash talking" about any players (ranked members, staff, etc) to even the server(s).
  • Keep chat related to CloudyMC or minecraft in general. It's good to socialize about hot topic but inappropriate or nonsense discussions is not allowed. Especially if it is offensive, rude, or encourages unnecessary drama, hatred, confusion and arguments.
  • Avoid starting and/or contributing to arguments or heated discussions.

All chat rules apply to public chat, private messaging (msg) faction chat, friend chat, teamspeak, the forums and all types of chat associated on CloudyMC, whether it be public or private.


Purchase Related

All purchase related rules are in our buycraft TOS you can find from adding an item to your cart and clicking Terms of Service.



  • Depending on the severity, if any of the rules above are broken, you will be warned, then temp-banned from the server or the entire server network, on the first offense.
  • If repeated, you will be permanently banned.
  • If staff are caught breaking any of the rules above, they will warrant double the punishment, a demotion, and/or a permanent ban.
  • The staff follow a list of consequences according to the server rules, however, some consequences can vary and will do depending on the situation.
  • Owners may punish you for any reason at any time.



  • Repeatedly breaking of the rules above will result in the punishment becoming more severe/prolonged. You can become permanently banned from CloudyMC. It isn't rare.
  • The CloudyMC staff team retain the right to decide the length and/or type of punishment.
  • We have records/logs and keep track of all forum activity. Including personal messages, command usage, on all servers on the CloudyMC network.
  • Whilst your privacy is preserved with us, we will monitor all content on our servers to ensure that the rules are being followed.
  • Again, sharing personal information is at your own risk.
  • You can also be banned for rules that are not listed on the rules list, but are seen as reasonable to be punished for. These are usually determined by Admins+.



  • Respect other users. Harassment, hate speech, etc will not be tolerated.
  • NSFW contact is not allowed.
  • Do not post advertisements (inc. Invites to other Discords)
  • Please be mindful of channels and their uses - read the descriptions.
  • Do not spam mention other users or roles.
  • Unapproved bots will be banned without warning.
  • Staff has final say on anything.





The CloudyMC Server rules are always being updated, please continue to revisit this page on a regular basis for updates and changes. There is no excuse for not knowing the server rules.


By logging into CloudyMC server, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this rules page and all other CloudyMC rule sections.



This document was created by CloudyMC. Please notify davdav45 if there are any errors or permissions. The  CloudyMC Team reserves the right to edit this document at any time for any reason.