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    Helper Application Information

    Interested in helping out the community? Staff Members dedicate their time to helping enforce the rules and make sure that all players are having a safe and fun time on the server. The Staff Team consists of hard-working players who are dedicated to the community and are willing to help make sure we are offering a safe environment for players. This thread contains all the information you need to know about applying for Helper.
    For help regarding staff applications, you may privately message davdav45#5601 on discord.

    • If your application is denied you MUST wait at least ONE MONTH before reapplying unless stated otherwise in your denial message.
    • You must be at least 15 years of age to apply.
    • Do not ask the staff to review your application.
    • Do not post multiple applications.
    • You may not edit your application.
    • Do not bump your application.
    • Do not copy nor steal applications.
    • Do not reuse your applications, even if they\'re from other servers.
    • Be honest in your application.
    • You must have Discord and be in our discord, you can join here!
    • You must be fluent in English.
    • You must be active to in our community.
    What is a Helper?

    A Helper is a staff member who possesses the lowest rank in CloudyMC's staff rank ladder. Helpers must be dedicated to the community and are willingly around to help make sure we are giving players a safe and enjoyable playing environment. Helpers are responsible for various functions such as helping players chat moderation, contributing to the community, and a handful of other duties.

    How do I apply for a rank above Helper like Moderator or Admin?
    All accepted applicants must begin as Helper. Helpers may be promoted to Moderator after proven to be a useful asset to the staff team.

    I have school/work and I can\'t be very active, can I still be a Helper?
    Staff are expected to be online as much as they can possibly fit into their schedule. Especially new staff. It's understood that you cannot be online 24/7 and that\'s okay of course. If you are going inactive for 3 or more days you must notify staff through the Absent Staff section and include when you expect to return (If possible). If your schedule requires you to be inactive on certain days of the week make sure the Head of Staff is aware of your current schedule and when you can be expected to be active.

    I'm new to forums, do I need to be active to apply?
    As a Helper, you are not expected to be active on forums, as Helpers aren't given any special duties on the forums. However, it is preferred that applicants are familiar with the forums and a good understanding of how the forums operate. It is also recommended that your forum profile is complete (Ex. profile picture, about me status, linked Minecraft account).

    I don't have staff experience, can I still apply?
    Though previous staff experience definitely gives applicants a better advantage, applicants are not required to have prior experience.

    Will I keep my donor rank?
    Donors always keep their ranks after becoming a staff member, if you decide to resign from the staff team your donor rank will be restored as well.

    Do donators have a better chance of being accepted?
    Absolutely not. Financial contributions to our community are greatly appreciated, however our judgment on applications would never be clouded by that. Please do not donate thinking it will help you get staff, it won\'t.

    I have been banned or muted on the server before, does this affect my chances?
    Yes. Though depending on the circumstances of certain punishments it may not impact your application, it simply varies between different applicants and their punishment history.

    What is the application process?
    Your application is thoroughly reviewed then either Accepted or Denied. If you are denied you shall be provided with a thorough response as to why you were denied and where you can improve, as well as when you may reapply. If you are accepted

    Do I have to be interviewed to be accepted?
    Yes. Before applicants can be accepted as staff they must complete a staff interview. Staff interviews consist of a series of crucial questions you must answer before you can be considered for staff.

    How long does it take for my application to get a response?
    You should receive a response on your application within two weeks, though in most cases it shouldn't take as long. If you are concerned about how long it is taking for your application to receive a response you may privately message @davdav45. Please be patient when waiting for a response to your message. NEVER bump your application.


    • CloudyMC is looking for long and detailed applications. Proper grammar and punctuation is appreciated. Do not submit an application with limited detail!
    • Refrain from using vulgar and immature phrases in your application.
    • Put as much detail into your application as possible. Do not put simple answers like \"Yes\" or \"No\" in fields that don\'t already have Yes/No boxes.
    • Always be mature. Whether it\'s when you\'re talking with players, messaging staff or while writing your application. It will affect your chances of getting accepted.overall.
    • If you have previously worked for other servers, go into further detail than just listing servers you\'ve worked for. Tell us about what you\'ve learned from working for different servers.
    Click here to start the application process!
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